FLOTMAT F08 / F15 / F25

Waste green concrete reclaimer for ready mixed concrete plants

Rugged, wear resistant concrete reclaimer for the ready mixed concrete industry. Based on the principle of counter current a separation between aggregates (0,2 – 32mm) and grey water (mixture of water, cement and fines < 0,2mm) is achieved. Both components can be reused for concrete production. Supplementary equipment such as pumps, agitators, level sensors are added to the system according to the specific lay out conditions. A modern SPS control unit operates the plant automatically. This results in a range of reliable and economic concrete reclaiming plants with processing capacities of 15 and 25 m³/h specially developed for the ready mixed concrete and mortar producers.

Flotmat F15/F25FLOTMAT special features:

  • Optimal aggregate processing because of intensive dewatering during discharge.
  • Compression free conveying of materials by using vibration technique.
  • Main and second washing chamber
  • User friendly control system with display
  • Rugged, compact and wear resistant execution of machinery
  • On start of operation extra high load of waste concrete possible
  • Low energy consumption
  • Separation cut at 0,2mm


FLOTMAT and FLOTMAT-Kombi: The ideal series in ready mixed concrete plants for solving your waste concrete problems at low cost, with minimum maintenance. 

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