The waste green concrete reclaimer with a feeding wheel

For the cleaning of concrete pumps and for collecting water from the yard. Lifting objects to a certain height can be achieved by several methods. Different devices such as elevators, lifting equipment or screw conveyors are thinkable. The ideal solution is our feeding wheel. It suits perfectly because of its dynamics, the minimum power required and its low wear.

The existing drive therefore also operates the feeding wheel. From an inlet at approximately 500- 600mm below ground level waste concrete and wash- and rain/ cleaning water from the yard can be lifted into the washing trough of the FLOTMAT.

The waste green concrete reclaimer with a feeding wheel

Advantages of the feeding wheel:

  • No extra drive is required because it is mounted onto the main shaft of the FLOTMAT, consequently only one drive is needed.
  • The inlet of the feeding wheel is below ground level, therefore the cleaning of concrete pumps and the connection to a washing place is possible.
  • The continuous low wear lifting process gives a well dosed and uninterrupted material feed into the FLOTMAT.
  • Specially developed scoops make a simultaneous scooping of water and solids possible.
  • Variable inlet designs permit an adaptation to local conditions.

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